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When I severely sprained my ankle, Netic was a convenient way for me to get matched with a physical therapist immediately and begin the recovery process. Within months I was back to running my normal mileage!

Berkley, CA

I love how knowledgeable my PT is, especially when it comes to running-specific injuries. While I’ve worked with other physical therapists who told me it was okay to run again if I wasn’t feeling any pain, my Netic PT is being more conservative and focuses on getting me back to running for the long haul. I want to keep running for many years to come, so this long-term approach has been super valuable!

Santa Barbara, CA

I chose Netic over my HMO’s physical therapy services because it was much easier to get connected to a PT, more convenient than in-person rehab, and cost-effective. My physical therapist has been super personable and has given me great exercises to do between sessions.


Initially I was unsure if telehealth was the right fit for me, but my Netic physical therapist overturned that expectation from our first session together. She was able to gather a great understanding of my specific injury and athletic goals, and create a recovery plan that perfectly suited my situation. I am now back to running without pain and able to start training for triathlons again

Los Angeles, CA

I loved that my PT was able to draw from her own experience as a triathlete and marathon runner. She was able to diagnose the underlying issues I was having and create a treatment plan that focused on my particular needs.


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