September 30, 2022

4 Reasons to Schedule Physical Therapy this 2022

If you have been dealing with pain from running, here are 4 reasons to schedule physical therapy (PT).

Susan Nowell

If you’re reading this post, you’re likely in pain and looking for answers.

Most running injuries are non-traumatic by nature. While the internet is a great source for information, trusting Dr. Google isn’t always the best option as it often yields very general, often misguided, medical advice.

If you have been dealing with pain from running, here are 4 reasons to schedule physical therapy (PT).

Let’s take a look!

1. Timing Of Your Pain

How long have you had this injury?  Has it become chronic or recurring? Have you been dealing with pain and compromised running for more than 3 weeks? If you answered, “Yes”, to any of these questions:

>> time to consult a PT

2. Radiating Pain

Did the first symptoms begin in your knee, and now your hip is starting to bother you? This is referred to as radiating pain; a sign your condition is worsening.

>> time to consult a PT

3. Pain Affecting Other Activities

Were you fine climbing/descending hills or stairs, riding a bike, or driving a car, but now these activities are bothering you?

>> time to consult a PT

4. Pain >24 hours (following a run or other physical activity)

Do you find that you have localized pain greater than 24 hours after running?

>> time to consult a PT

How A PT Helps

The ability of a PT to determine which tissue may be implicated in an injury is crucial. They can utilize gait analysis, postural observation, and joint-specific special tests to diagnose your injury. The diagnosis allows your PT to design specific treatment plans to treat your injury and facilitate healing. Just as many runners train with specificity, your PT treats each injury with specificity.

Final Thoughts

If you answered “yes” to any of the 4 reasons listed above; then it’s time to see a PT. The PTs here at Netic will help diagnose your pain and treat your injury your specific interventions designed uniquely for you. Schedule your consultation, here. We look forward to helping return you to pain-free running soon!

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