October 20, 2022

Top 5 Youtubers for Running Injury Advice

There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, which is why we created a trustworthy top 5 list of YouTube influencers for running injury advice.

When training hard for your dream race, it can be difficult to find the right advice online. To help you avoid injury while training, the Netic Health team has compiled a list of our favorite Running Youtubers who focus on Injury Prevention. Check out our Top 5 below!

The FOD Runner

Starting our Top 5 we have The FOD Runner: Not only can you count on him for consistent running-content, he’s also an athlete himself. He ran the London Marathon in just 3 hours, 3 minutes and 26 seconds! Mainly focused on his training journey and running shoes reviews, The FOD Runner definitely deserves a spot in this Top 5 list.

Our favorite video:

In this video, Andy runs the London Marathon!

Coach Parry

Secondly, we have Coach Parry: One of the best coaching groups on YouTube, Coach Parry and his team use scientifically proven methods to help people become better and faster runners. Check them out to learn more about their signature training method “Run Slow to Run Faster”.

Our favorite video:

Here, Coach Parry and his team focus on the main problems with running slow to run faster.

Run Smarter with Brodie Sharpe

Next on our list, we have Run Smarter with Brodie Sharpe | Physio: Physical Therapist & Running Coach Brodie provides tips and tricks to prevent injuries, giving quick and easy solutions to the most common problems runners face every day.

Our favorite video:

Watch this short video to gain some simple, yet effective tips. All in a matter of seconds!

Running Rehab

Another channel that focuses on strength training exercises is Running Rehab. Together with their physical therapist team, they share a great selection of mobility stretches and exercises. The multi-lateral view in these videos will help you gain a solid understanding of each exercise.

Our favorite video:

In this video, Running Rehab focuses on a core workout for distance runners.

Your Wellness Nerd

Lastly, we chose Your Wellness Nerd: Focused on your overall well-being, Your Wellness Nerd covers hundreds of exercises to fix potential injuries you might have, as well as injuries you might not even be aware of yet. In addition to helping you heal from injury, his thorough videos will also give you an understanding of why these specific exercises are effective.

Our favorite video:

In this video, Your Wellness Nerd explains a very simple exercise that can change your life. Something as simple as the hip hinge can help you prevent many frustrating years of back pain for runners!

That concludes our Top 5! These Youtubers will help you in any way possible to finish that marathon. Thank you for reading with us! Remember, keep on training 🏃🏃‍♀️

Written and edited by Netic Health

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