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Receive digital care from California-licensed Physical Therapists that are experts at treating running injuries.

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What we do

We help you heal by connecting you to the best possible physical therapists that is both a runner and expert at treating running injuries.

How we do it


Choose a PT with running expertise

Choose a physical therapist who is an expert in treating running injuries

Monthly Evaluations

Hop on a virtual video call and receive a diagnosis, course of care and running advice. Repeat monthly

Continuous Coaching

Message your PT 24/7 to share your progress, ask questions or send exercise videos for form feedback

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What you get

Monthly Evaluation
  • Telehealth visit
  • Running form analysis
  • Diagnosis
  • Exercise plan
  • Running recommendations (mileage, shoes, cross-training, …)
Virtual Coaching
  • 24/7 coaching over chat
  • Exercise form feedback
  • Running form analysis

Our caregivers

Running and Athletic Expertise

Susan Nowell, DPT

Susan has completed ultramarathon events in the Sahara desert, the Boston marathon and multiple Ironman events, including the world championship in Kona (2018).

She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Utah in 2004, currently practices in the Bay Area and enjoys helping others stay healthy and active ever since.

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Susan received her DPT from University of Utah in 2004. During graduate school, she initiated program collaboration with the National Abilities Center to assist patients with chronic neurologic conditions in getting back on the ski slopes. She has worked onsite with athletes competing in long-distance triathlons and endurance running events internationally.

She is an avid endurance athlete- she has done ultramarathons in the Sahara Desert and completed ironman distance events. She also enjoys hiking, skiing, rock-climbing and open-water swimming in her spare time.

Licensed in the State of California

Running expertise

John Donovan, DPT & Running Coach

John has always been an avid runner, competing in high school, college and post-collegiately. He earned his doctor of physical therapy (DPT) from the University of Iowa in 2018 before moving to California.

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John has always been an avid runner, competing in high school, college and post-collegiately. He earned his doctor of physical therapy (DPT) from the University of Iowa in 2018 before traveling to the west coast. He now lives, works, and trains in the hills around the North Bay of San Francisco and competes for the West Valley Track Club. As a physical therapist and running coach, he is dedicated to helping people return to activities and maximize their potential for movement. His focus is to help runners advance by building strength and stability through sport-specific exercises and training principles, as well as superb recovery skills. He blends his knowledge of the human body and movement with his backgrounds and passion for running.

Licensed in the State of California


My PT was amazing! I tried to treat my injuries on my own before, but through Netic I got a full assessment and received my own exercise program. I wouldn’t have gotten to PT if it weren’t for Netic!


Netic is nice because it’s streamline in terms of time-commitment, convenient & there is no commuting. It’s super handy to get quick & regular feedback on your recovery


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can Physical Therapy be given remotely?

Absolutely! Our Physical Therapists will always make sure that your injuries can be treated remotely.

If there is any doubt, Netic will help you find an in-person physical therapist near you to make sure you receive the best care possible.

Do I need a referral for Netic?


Individuals in the State of California can directly access physical therapist services and receive treatment for up to 45 calendar days. Only afterwards, a physician needs to sign off on the plan-of-care to continue Netic treatment. We will help you with the necessary paperwork to make this as easy as possible.

I am not a runner. Can I also receive care?


Our physical therapists have expertise in all sorts of athlete and non-athlete care.

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