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Customer Stories

“Netic has been very helpful in my recovery from a nagging running injury. Communication was fully online and was set at times convenient to me. I am pleased to report the exercises are providing the results I hoped for.”

JohnBay Area Runner

“The Netic system and PT provided some very helpful stretches and exercises to correct my issues. The videos and instructions in the app and website were very clear and easy to follow.”

RiyaBay Area Runner

“I really enjoyed Netic and believe it is an awesome tool for runners who might not seek treatment otherwise. It is convenient to be able to do it on your own time.”

NicoleMonterey Runner

Favorite online clinic for runners

Monthly Evaluation

Start with a 45 minute evaluation by a running specialty PT and receive a course of care designed for you.

Running Form Analysis

Receive running evaluation of your current form and advice on how to avoid future injury.

Personalized Treatment

Get your personal advice on cross-training, weekly mileage and shoes.

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$ 39.99

Per Month
  • Telehealth and/or in person visit
  • Personalized running form analysis
  • Diagnosis
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StandardFirst visit


One time
  • Initial consultation with the Netic Team
  • Screening & Assessment
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$ 49.99

Per Month
  • Monthly analysis
  • Virtual coaching 24/7
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Same day appointment booking
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Always A Human Touch

Our highly-skilled physical therapists are equipped with a diverse set of experiences to serve the needs of our diverse patients. At Netic we always make sure you are treated in the most efficient way. If you prefer in-person treatment over online, we will find you a physical therapist in your area to make sure you receive the best care possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Physical Therapy be given remotely?

Absolutely! Our Physical Therapists will always make sure that your injuries can be treated remotely.

If there is any doubt, Netic will help you find an in-person physical therapist near you to make sure you receive the best care possible.

Do I need a referral for Physical Therapy?


Individuals in the State of California can directly access physical therapist services and receive treatment for up to 45 calendar days. Only afterwards, a physician needs to sign off on the plan-of-care to continue Netic treatment. We will help you with the necessary paperwork to make this as easy as possible.

I am not a runner. Can I also receive care?


Our physical therapists have expertise in all sorts of athlete and non-athlete care.

Is Netic reimbursed by insurance?

We are working right now to get the proper approval for our service to be reimbursed by insurance.

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